Sri Bhaktha Aanjaneya  

The Bhaktha Aanjaneya trust was registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 with registration No.E 21704 (Mumbai) Dated 28.4.2004

The Bhaktha Aanjaneya first decided to set up an idol of Hanuman which is the only character in our Indian mythology to have witnessed the two great wars against evil forces on this earth. Great sages believe that Hanuman, who played a big part in the war in Ramayana, made the Pandavas' victory possible in the Kurukshetra war by His presence in Arjuna's chariot flag. It is said that Hanuman is the one who can overcome the mightiest obstacles, face the greatest difficulties, experience the biggest set backs and yet succeed in his endeavours. He will be an ideal lesson for the students, they felt.

Since the remembrance of Hanuman gives rise to intelligence, strength, fame, skill in speech, the Bhaktha Aanjaneya decided to install the Maruti Swamy with the blessings of the Sankaracharya of Kanchi.

Major universities and academic institutions in the country have drawn inspiration from such life like idol of Hanuman in their campuses. The idol - which is 33 ft in height believed to be the tallest Hanuman idol in the country made out of single stone, was consecrated by the Kanchi Seer Sri Jayendra Saraswati on February 9, 2000. The idol stands on a 6ft. lotus pedestal with hands folded in prayer facing the temple of Sri Ram, in the same campus.

A 67 feet Rajagopuram for the Hanuman idol and two small temples - one for Lord Rama and the other for Lord Vinayaka built at the same venue were completed in December 2001. Sculptors and painters who are specialised in temple sculpting and idol paintings were brought from Tamil Nadu for this purpose.

The idol, 'Vishwaroopa Aanjaneya ', standing in a lotus pedestal with hands folded in prayer, is made out of a single granite stone specially selected for the purpose, under the guidance of the Kanchi Seers by "Padmashri Silpa Kalamani" M. Muthiah Sthapathi from Chennai, a renowned sculptor who specialises in carving of granite stone idols according to shilpa shastras. It took one year to complete and it weighs 55 tons. The idol was made near Chennai and was brought by Road.

The sculptor Muthia Stapathy has the unique distinction of building temples all over the world including more than 20 in the US alone. Later a "Silver Kavacham" (head to heel covering) for the idol of Hanuman, was made and this adorns the Lord Hanuman on special occasions.

Majestic Temples for Lord Kothanda Rama and Lord Ganesh were consecrated in 2000 at Sri Bhakta Aanjaneya temple.

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