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SIES Senior

In the traditional pioneering role that we have been taking all along to address issues concerning the people, the society initiated a shelter for the old and lend love and dignity to their residual life. SIES Seniors Home for the Aged is an expression of this commitment. A plot of land admeasuring 2850 sq. meters situated at Nerul, Navi Mumbai was developed into 52 studio apartments, along with a meditation centre, prayer hall, dispensary, temple and a recreation centre. The Seniors Home primarily looks after retired teachers of the country and others who have contributed to the cause of education.

The dawn of liberalization has set in an accelerated pace of commercialization and consumerism. In the wake of economic gains, traditions and values have been consigned to bins. The collapse of the joint family system accentuated by a severe shortage of housing stock has stuck a deadly emotional blow on the elders in the sunset of their lives. Geriatry has its attendant difficulties. Loneliness and helplessness of the old has cast a stigma on the society itself.

SIES has been expanding the canvas of its activities and the sweep of its influence to cover important social causes and societal obligations. The Seniors Home is an expression of that intent.

The Home comprises of 36 studio apartments, bath attached, designed and furnished to provide comfort to seniors, privacy as well as access to facilities. The cost sharing structure recognizes 1/3rd of the inmates making no payment (restricted to retired teachers), 1/3rd paying running expenses (teachers earning pension) and l/3rd would pay a share of the capital cost as well as proportionate monthly running expenses. An updated library in the Home, Medical Centre and Meditation Hall are added attractions. The Adi Sankara temple inside the Home is a heavenly abode and ministers to the spiritual needs of the inmates.

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Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Granthalaya

Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Veda Vidya Pitha

Knowledge has no precincts. It is a sea with infinite depths and its waves can liberate the soul. And take one beyond the ordinary. Vedic literature has been a pearl in the ocean of knowledge, as the Vedas have long been acknowledged as the repositories of all religious and secular duties. It is an intellectual understanding of the nature and blossoming of the human life.

SIES has always been conscious of the fact that there is a need to promote, perpetuate and propagate our ancient culture in tune with current needs. The SIES Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Veda Vidya Pitha is one of the major institutions in the country combining modern education with vedic studies. The vedic school named after the Paramacharya of Kanchi, the 68th Sankaracharya of the venerated Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam was set up at the sprawling campus of the Society at Nerul, Navi Mumbai at a cost ofRs.35 million. The Vidya Pitha enrolls students at an early age of 5 and takes them over a twelve year period through 10+2+3 education system as well as complete study of the Vedas. The entire boarding and lodging is free. The students are admitted to the State Bank of India Officers Public School (SBOA). This initiative of providing the students with a strong bond with the Indian roots is bearing fruits. The early results are outstanding and the students are able to cope with both the systems of study. The Society is confident that its experiment of dual system of study would transcend the mundane education system and combat all materialistic barriers.

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