Who We Are?

The South Indian Education Society (SIES) is one of the oldest educational societies in Mumbai and was pioneered in 1932. What started with a strength of six students has now become a conglomerate of various institutions with over 18,000 students under its wing . SIES has established a high school, an array of arts, science, commerce, management and engineering colleges, along with academic and professional institutions of higher learning.

Dr. V. Shankar (President)

A website is the direct representation of the organisation and its personality online. Websites creation and maintenance becomes a main tool of information for a professional, precise and knowledgeable impression online. There is no gainsay that a well-designed website attracts visitors, sets their attention and hooks them up in accessing and borrowing the site.

One of the problems is the internet is now so huge that there are more pages on the internet than people on the planet. This necessitated optimising the pages with the right keywords in the right place so that the search engines index a particular page as having useful content in relation to key search words. The website of SIES had gone out of sync with the present day sites and required overhauling to be user friendly. The updated website is a step in that direction.

We welcome you to the family of SIES. May the website trigger you to concrete steps to further our efforts in the cause of education. May you partner us in this journey of high endeavor through this Pilgrimage to Perfection.

With regards, Yours sincerely - Dr. V. Shankar

Values & Beliefs


EXCELLENCE can be achieved only by observing discipline, as Mahatma Gandhi once said "Mass discipline is an essential condition for the people who aspire to be a great nation".

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